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Supporting WhirliDogs

Since bringing our community together in April of 2017 to work towards the goal of establishing a business in our Historic Downtown Wilson we feel we have made great progress. Our inaugural Parties with a Purpose were a huge success. Approximately $13,000 was raised and, more importantly, our mission and vision were shared with many new people. We were able to refer individuals to services currently available in the community that they did not know existed for adults with special needs. Thanks to hosts Susan Bane, Tammy Proctor, Susan Browning, Pam Legget, Judy Stanley, Martha Wrenn, Janet and John Harris, Wendy Moore and Jayme and David Daniels for hosting a party.

Wells Fargo has shown support for our mission by funding a $5000 grant to help in the development phase of the WhirliDogs Cafe and Training Center. These funds have helped to fund preliminary architectural plans as well as ordering our popular T Shirts that help our fundraising efforts. T shirt sales have been strong. Every shirt sold helps generate money and spreads the word of the WhirliDogs mission. Shirts are currently available at Diversified Opportunities from 8:00-4:00 pm, at 1010 Herring Avenue, in adult and youth sizes.

We are so grateful to our supportive community as we continue to work towards our goal of establishing the WhirliDogs Cafe and Training Center.

Written by Wesley Trump

Originally published 8/30/2019

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