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All We Want

"All We Want" - Caroline Paxton

Long time classmates, friends tried and true

The school years pass by, then what to do?

Overcoming hurdles, we have tried our best,

But what does our future hold, that’s really the test.

We want to be busy, contribute in our own way.

We want to make the most of every single day.

Our lives are more like yours than you know –

We just want to spread our wings and grow!

Teach us, show us, and you will see

That we will blossom when given the opportunity.

We may look a little different

And do things at a different pace

But just give us a chance

To make our community a better place.

Don’t shut us away, thinking out of sight out of mind

For equipped with new skills, a new workforce you will find.

Our differences shine sweetly,

Our work ethic runs deeply.

See us in a whole new light

You can help make our future bright.

We have much to offer, we are willing to try

If you open your mind and heart, we can reach for the sky.

Patient guidance and training expertise

Will help us find our own unique niche.

To seek, to share, encourage, accomplish, sustain,

With your help these riches our lives will surely gain.

A life with purpose, meaning and pride,

The future is exciting, hold on for the ride!

All we want is for you to see

We have so much to offer, SO MUCH possibility!

Originally published 8/7/2021

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