According to the Raleigh News and Observer October 15, 2017, “The decline in the unemployment in North Carolina and the nation has been impressive, but one group has been left out of the improving job market — the disabled. There is a 45-point employment gap between working-age people without disabilities and those with disabilities. Nationally, 72 percent of the first group are employed; 27 percent of the latter. North Carolina ranks 37th among the states in employing the disabled.”

Disturbed by these facts over fifty advocates for persons with disabilities from the Wilson community began meeting in April of 2017 to brainstorm ideas for fostering employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment in our community. 

 A hot dog ice cream cafe’ will be named WhirliDogs, a nod to the Whirligig Park that was recently completed in Wilson, North Carolina’s revitalized downtown.

While funds are being raised to purchase commercial kitchen and dinning room equipment Servsafe classes have already begun in the kitchen of our local community rehabilitation facility; Diversified Opportunities Inc.

Diversified Opportunities Inc. had been a community supporter from the beginning of this process. . Their support includes administrative and financial oversite allowing WhirliDogs to solicit grant funds and donations under their tax-exempt 501(c)3 status. They have also offered to pay the rent and insurance coverage for the initial two years.